I long for sleep,

For the darkness to embrace me

And carry me away into the night.

Waking hours are filled with pain;

Savage memories, cold realities,

Broken dreams and perpetual dread.

Often the crippling sadness

That plagues me in the daylight

Follows me into the dark,

Chases me into my dreams,

Denies me the peace I crave.

There are times when I know

I will never enjoy that tranquil bliss

That comes with simply being,

Existing without fear or anger or hatred

Or the emptiness that lingers within me.

I fool myself sometimes,

Convince myself that one day this pain will end,

But in my heart I know better.

Life is an endless cycle of torment

That ends only when the darkness comes,

In that dreamless slumber

Where there are no more tears to be shed,

Where the merciless touch of memory cannot reach,

Where body and soul are at rest.