I lie on my bed

staring blindly at the ceiling.

Silent.  Unmoving.

My body aches,

my soul is in torment,

but not one tear

can escape from my eyes.


I hear you crying.

I can feel your misery and

I know it's my fault.

I try to rise,

I need to be with you,

I need to feel

the warmth of your embrace.


My nose is bleeding.

I can see it in the mirror.

My lips are swollen,

my eyes are black,

but none of that matters.

All I care about

is silencing your tears.


I open the door.

I see you sitting on the floor

your back to the wall.

I hesitate.

I want to be with you,

to comfort you,

but something holds me back.


You look up at me.

In your eyes I know I can see

the remorse you feel

the guilt, the pain

that has hold of your heart.

My body shakes

as I sit beside you.


I reach for your hand.

As I touch it you turn to me.

Our eyes meet once more.

I flinch, shudder,

but the rage has now gone

and once again

I see love in your eyes.


I feel them coming,

those magical after-words that

always make things right.

"I'm so sorry.

I know that I was wrong.

Please forgive me,"

I softly say to you.