Below you will find a list of links I personally recommend to readers of my stories.  The links have been split into three sections, the first a list of sites I am involved with, the second a list of sites I recommend and the third direct links to the pages of some of my favourite authors.  Please be aware that these links are my personal recommendations and should in no way be seen as being officially endorsed by The Authors Haunt or any of its staff members.

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AVERT is an international HIV and AIDS organisation based in the UK. The charity works to combat HIV transmission, particularly in countries where there is a particularly high rate of infection.  It also funds research into AIDS treatment and provides HIV and AIDS education worldwide.


Specialising in fiction and poetry for gay males, AwesomeDude has become the leading site of its kind.  With a range of extremely talented authors and compelling stories, anyone who is a fan of gay poetry and prose is certain to find something they'll like here.

The Big Closet

The Big Closet is home to a healthy collection of transgender fiction and erotica. The original and classic sections house stories of varying quality, but the topshelf section is home to some excellent works of fiction.

Dr Hadwen Trust

The Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK's premier medical research organisation, funding exclusively non-animal techniques to replace animal experiments.  The Trust uses these techniques to research treatments for a range of conditions, from Asthma to Breast Cancer.


Home to the hilarious online comic-strip "Cyanide and Happiness", this site is sure to keep you entertained - provided you're not overly sensitive.  The site is also home to some very funny articles, movies and stories.


The Authors Haunt endorses Mozilla's Firefox browser, undoubtedly the most reliable browser available today and with a wide array of add-ons and extras, it is also the most adaptable.  Download Firefox (free of charge) via this link.

Ill Will Press

Ill Will Press is an entertaining cartoon site and home to Foamy, a politically incorrect and somewhat neurotic squirrel.  This site is probably not for people with sensitive dispositions, but for everyone else it's bound to bring a smile to your face.


Home to in excess of one hundred free flash games, Mousebreaker is sure to keep you entertained.  With a wide variety of games and puzzles you're certain to find something to keep you busy on this aptly-named site.

Sapphire's Place

Sapphire's Place is, without a doubt, the premier site for transgender fiction.  With numerous talented authors and countless captivating stories, anyone interested in transgender, transsexual or transvestite fiction should definitely pay this site a visit.