The first thing that struck me as I stepped out onto the rooftop was the silence.  Ever since childhood I’d hated noise.  I’d dreamed of the day when I’d be old enough to escape to the countryside and find peace.  When adulthood arrived, life got in the way of my dream, but my hatred of noise never yielded.  Now, though, I found myself missing those familiar, intrusive city noises.


I walked slowly towards the edge of the roof, terrified of what I would see when I got to it, part of me desperate to retreat back into the safety of my flat.  I knew I couldn’t, though.  My self-imposed imprisonment was slowly killing me.  I needed to get out.


I reached the edge and looked out over the city.  What I found was far from the apocalyptic image I’d had in my mind.  The streets were empty.  There were no cars, no people, no signs of life, but at least there were no bodies in the street.  The city simply appeared…dead.


All dead except me.  I was alone, perhaps the last living person in a lifeless world.  I stepped forward, smiling as gravity embraced me, carrying me towards true peace.



Many thanks to Alicia, whose editing expertise never ceases to enrich my work as much as she enriches my life