What the hell was I doing?


I felt like I was suffocating, overwhelmed by the myriad of emotions that flooded my body, panic gripping me as I realised for the first time the enormity of my decision.  It was the rest of my life I was toying with, thrusting myself into a prison from which there was no escape.


There was still time to run, though.  They would try to stop me, the people who were watching, waiting for me to say the words that would forever seal my fate, but I was sure I could get past them.  I would have to move quickly, race to the door and not look back, but I was confident that…


I looked up and her eyes greeted me, eyes so full of love my fears seemed to ebb away in an instant.  I knew she’d seen the moment of doubt in my eyes.  I knew she knew what I was thinking, but she didn’t care.  She had faith in me.  She loved me and with her I was safe.


I smiled at her, the last lingering doubt fading away as I proclaimed in a loud voice, “I do."



Many thanks to Alicia, whose editing expertise never ceases to enrich my work as much as she enriches my life