Welcome to my writing site here at The Authors Haunt.  Though you may find some of my stories and poems on other sites, this is the only place on the Net where you will find all of my work.

I've always been a storyteller.  Before I began writing I used to make up stories to entertain my sister, my friends, pretty much anyone who would listen.  I tinkered with the written word before I truly appreciated it, jotting out some of my stories, but it was only in my teenage years that I began to take writing seriously, and it wasn't until I was twenty-five that I began publishing my work online for others to enjoy...or endure.

Writing fiction has become a real passion for me.  If I had a choice between barely earning enough to live on whilst writing professionally and earning a small fortune in any other line of work, I would choose to write.  When I am writing I can let go of all the little things that torment me in my daily life, forget about all my problems and lose myself in the story I'm telling.  And the feeling I get when I finish a story is one I wouldn't trade for anything in the world.

I have only recently begun writing poetry seriously.  I wrote plenty of angst-filled poems when I was a teenager, but only in the past year, reading the work of the other talented poets here, have I begun to appreciate poetry for the art-form it truly is.  I'm still learning and I can't claim to enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing stories, but it does give me pleasure and I'm told I'm not too bad at it.

So, I hope you enjoy my stories and poems, but either way please let me know, either by dropping me an email or by posting a comment in my forum.

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